Monday, February 27, 2006

Help us win the BLOGGER WARS!

The blogosphere is a significant communication medium and it is a battle towards dominance of truth or tripe. With your help, we can win the battle! View these sites and participate...
Speak Out is a progressive advocacy group dedicated to helping people in California is better informed about the political and legislative happenings of our state. Their views can be summed up in three phrases: We work for economic fairness, social justice, and equality of opportunity. Every day in the government of this state, there are struggles over these values. They take many forms. It could be a budget battle to protect higher education from further devastating cuts. Or it could be a campaign to increase support of solar energy in new housing. As a member of Speak Out California, you will be informed of these events as they take place, and urged to take actions that will enable you to make a difference.
The most popular of electronic networking and organizing organization is Move On. gives people a voice in shaping the laws & policies that affects lives. You can sign online petitions on timely issues like responding to terrorism, energy policy, and campaign finance reform, or you can just sign up to receive email alerts, all for free.
One of the best things about is that each of us can help decide what issues the organization stands for, using a unique, online discussion forum. Everyone can post suggestions, and everyone can rate all the other suggestions. Those that receive the highest ratings can become the focus of's
action campaigns. Sign up and register with this great electronic grassroots organization!
One of the most popular blogs on the web is one maintained out of Berkeley.  Created by Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga, In its first year, Daily Kos attracted over 1.6 million unique visits and about 3 million page views. It also receives about 20 million visits per month. In the words of the founder “We desperately need to catch the Right in the Blogger Wars, and I am proud of each and every person who has the guts and initiative to start his or her own weblog. The progressive movement of the future will be built, in large part, on this digital foundation.”
Well said Markos I completely agree! supports businesses that share progressive values and ideals. They believe in a triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. uses our power as consumers to vote with wallets, supporting businesses that abide by sustainability, workers' rights, environmental standards, and corporate transparency. At the same time, focuses sharply on businesses that violate the essential values of a sustainable, fair and profitable society through their policies and the politicians they support.

Finally there is
Courage Campaign is a blog that features Alameda County and other statewide authors on current progressive issues. I will be posting on their blog as a regular author.