Wednesday, January 18, 2006



The day has come. Assembly Bill 583 The California Clean Money and Fair Elections Act of will be heard today in Assembly Appropriations Committee and voted on Thursday. AB 583 allows any candidate who raises a substantial number of small contributions from individuals residing in the district and agrees not to take contributions from any source, to receive full public financing of their campaign.

With AB 583 we finally establish a “Clean Money” system of public financing of elections similar to those in Maine and Arizona.

Ultimately, if we truly want a government by and for the people…our campaigns have to be paid for by the people

The cost to implement this program is considerable. But the cost to do nothing is completely unacceptable. I have introduced the Clean Money legislation to provide a clear and innovative alternative to the deluge of big money in California politics.

At a time when we are making budget decisions that will shape the future of every human being in our state, at a time where scandal on Capitol Hill has shown the abuses of special interest money, we can no longer ignore the corrosive distortion of money on the legislative process. Clean Money, or the public financing of campaigns, is an idea whose time has come.

And with your support, we will prevail!