Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Special Interest Spends Millions and the People Lose.


On Monday night, the Governor called a special election in November. As a result, political observers have estimated close to two hundred million dollars will be spent by “special interests” to promote or defeat the proposed ballot initiatives. The Governor will undoubtedly use his pulpit and his ability to continue raising millions of dollars from the business and corporate interests that support his agenda. On the other side, grass roots organizations and labor groups whose members include nurses, teachers and firefighters will be raising millions of dollars to combat these initiatives. Unfortunately, in the midst of this special interest arms race, the people lose. 

Unfortunately, not one of the Governor’s proposed ballot measures will bring real reform to California. In fact, only one of as many as ten ballot measures even attempts to address the elections system – the proposal to have redistricting conducted by retired judges. But even the redistricting proposal will not touch the issue of “special interest” money that the governor claimed he came to Sacramento to “sweep away. 

Until we have a serious discussion about publicly financing elections we will continue to see abuses by the Governor and special interests in our Initiative and legislative process. I oppose this special election because it special interest driven....

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