Tuesday, April 26, 2005

California's Attorney General is Taking a Stand Against Unwarranted Casino Development

It looks like our Attorney General has joined in our fight to ensure that the widespread destructive effects of rapid casino development comes to a halt. We applaud the action.
It is precisely this kind short-cutting, rule-ignoring methodology that created the San Pablo problem. We won that battle, but there are more to fight. Thank you for your help!

In a rare move, the state Attorney General's Office has joined two East Bay groups in suing Richmond, which they say flouted state law in selling Point Molate to a casino developer without first conducting an environmental review.

Citizens for East Shore Parks, which had lobbied the state office for its support, cheered the news.

"They clearly saw this as an instance where the process was flawed," said chairman Robert Cheasty.

"It's a rare event when an attorney general intervenes in an existing lawsuit to confirm the position of petitioners," said Stephan Volker, lawyer for the citizens group. "It does assure we won't run out of legal fire power."

The other group suing is the East Bay Regional Park District.

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