Tuesday, February 15, 2005

More join our side

Now, Senator McCain is requesting federal hearings on the issue of Casino San Pablo. This is good news, because more people will discover the truth of casino sprawl, and hopefully do something to fight in. The Berkeley Daily Planet has the story:
Charging that the Lytton Band of Pomos acquired Casino San Pablo “the wrong way,” maverick Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain announced Thursday evening that he’ll hold hearings on a law that would reverse part of the tribe’s special status.

According to the Associated Press, McCain will hold special hearings on the casino in the Senate Indian Affairs Committee which he now chairs and take up legislation by California Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein that would reverse an earlier law written by East Bay Congressional Rep. George Miller.

California Assemblymember Loni Hancock, whose district encompasses San Pablo, welcomed the decision.

“I fully support the hearings being held by Sen. McCain and I fully support the legislation by [Feinstein]” which seeks to reverse the tribe’s special status, Hancock said.

A leading opponent of the casino proposal, Hancock said, “It’s great to hear that we’re finally going to sit down and have a serious conversation about urban gambling in California.”

Continue reading Sen. McCain Calls Hearings to Derail San Pablo Casino in the Berkeley Daily Planet.

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