Monday, January 03, 2005

Clean Money for Cleaner Elections

Last year, I introduced AB 2949 that would have created the “Clean Money” system for public financing of elections in California. The Clean Money system allows a candidate to run for office with without taking a dime from special interests or wealthy contributors to fund their campaign. The idea is simple. Any citizen who wants to be a candidate must receive a small number of $5 contributions from people in their community. Once the candidate meets that requirement, they receive full public financing of their campaigns.

These Clean Money systems are already in place in Maine and Arizona. Studies have shown increased voter turnout and more candidates willing to run for office. In those states, such publicly financed systems have turned around the cynicism about government and our political process.

It is time that we removed the corrosive and corrupting influence of special interest money and campaign contributions on the public policy process. With Clean Money, we can say “Goodbye and Good Riddance” to big-money campaign contributors. No more $1,000-per-plate receptions. No more fat-cat lobbyists pushing special interest legislation.

Publicly financing elections ensures that the candidates that run for office represent the people that paid for their campaign: the public at large.

There is a saying, “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” With Clean Elections and publicly-financed campaigns, the people will be calling the tune

Today the Los Angeles Times agreed, saying,
Consider the value of having officeholders beholden to actual voters. That's priceless. Why wait?

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